Hi there! I’m Aishwarya (that’s me) Naresh (my dad) Reganti (his ancestors et al.’ed).
I recently completed my computer science masters from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. Currently, I work as an Applied Scientist for Alexa, my team builds teachable AI systems that help Alexa understand better via interactive conversations.
A few things about me:

  • I love having casual conversations over some good caffeine.
  • I believe that the best kind of learning is unlearning (you read it right). I give it my best shot while trying to unlearn stereotypes, first-impressions and pre-conceived notions.
  • I relish good food, but appreciate restaurants that go out of their way to make food clean and harmless.
  • I’m an amateur fitness enthusiast and the dopamine boost is already getting addictive!
  • I dig profound writing (I feel that storytelling is an art that only few manage to master).